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EST-01611/15 STARK FASSEN ILLIDAN 20.03.2015 Isa
EST-00098/19 PAJUMÄE BELLA 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00091/19 PAJUMÄE BILLI 21.12.2018 Isane
EST-00092/19 PAJUMÄE FERRUS 21.12.2018 Isane
EST-00094/19 PAJUMÄE GRIZZLY 21.12.2018 Isane
EST-00095/19 PAJUMÄE ILLIS 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00097/19 PAJUMÄE ISABELLA 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00096/19 PAJUMÄE LILLIT 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00093/19 PAJUMÄE VÄINÖ 21.12.2018 Isane




Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale

21.12.2018 Tested for dysplasia- Father- Stark Fassen Illidan BA//00 ,Mom Alluring Star Diamant,.4 boy ,4 girl for sale. Home 7 veek old 09.02.2019.

We're expecting a Bernese Mountain dog litter in the beginning of 2018

 All puppies will be sold with an (inernational) pedigree from the Estonian Kennel Union; puppies will be chipped, update on all the required vaccines and dewormed.
You can reserve a puppy now. You're welcome to come and see the puppies. If necessary, the puppies can be delivered to Tallinn/ Helsinki .
Contact:  +37253481711 Estonia