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1) Mandi bron

2) Maimu bron

3)Jasper bron

4)Ramses bron

5) Heins




1) Isane Billi Harjumaa
2) lsane Ferrus Pärnumaa
3) lsane Väinö Fin
4) lsane Grizzly USA
5) Emane Illis Rapla
6) Emane Lillit  Anija
7) Emane Bella Fin
8.)Emane Isabella Tartumaa



EST-01611/15 STARK FASSEN ILLIDAN 20.03.2015 Isa
EST-00098/19 PAJUMÄE BELLA 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00091/19 PAJUMÄE BILLI 21.12.2018 Isane
EST-00092/19 PAJUMÄE FERRUS 21.12.2018 Isane
EST-00094/19 PAJUMÄE GRIZZLY 21.12.2018 Isane
EST-00095/19 PAJUMÄE ILLIS 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00097/19 PAJUMÄE ISABELLA 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00096/19 PAJUMÄE LILLIT 21.12.2018 Emane
EST-00093/19 PAJUMÄE VÄINÖ 21.12.2018 Isane


Prise 1600 €

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale

  Tested for dysplasia- Father- Stark Fassen Illidan BA//00 ,Mom Pajumäe Moonita AA//23 , Moissei Muss AA//00 ,Morgana AA//00 . Juuni 2019

We're expecting a Bernese Mountain dog litter in the beginning of 2019

 All puppies will be sold with an (inernational) pedigree from the Estonian Kennel Union; puppies will be chipped, update on all the required vaccines and dewormed.
You can reserve a puppy now. You're welcome to come and see the puppies. If necessary, the puppies can be delivered to Tallinn/ Helsinki .
Contact:  +37253481711 Estonia